• Freezeproof
  • Plastic
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Thin-layer

Technical data

Thickness of layer 0,5-3,0 mm
Max. grain size Not more than 0,1 mm
Mixture ratio 0,42-0,43 L of water per kg of mixture
Adjustment time not less than 2 hours
Further works no earlier than after 3 days
Adhesion to surface not less than 0,5 MPa
Freeze-Thaw Stability not less than 75 cycles
Surface temperature from + 5°С to + 30°С
Exploitation temperature from -30°С to + 80°С
White finishing putty ANSERGLOB ВСТ 25 is a high plastic mixture, is used for thinlayer high quality finishing of all mineral rigid surfaces. It is effective for repairing the cracks, fisheyes, hollows and other defects on the surface less than 3 mm in depth. Finishing putty ANSERGLOB ВСТ 25 can be applied at interior and exterior surfaces, in industrial and residential areas and also under high wet conditions. It is recommended for decorative finishing of the facades and interior design with creation of different factures, it has high degree of whiteness.
The surface preparation is realized according to State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU N B A.3.1-23:2013) and DSTU N B A.2.6-212:2016. The surface must structurally sound, cleaned up from the dust, dirt, lime, grease, oil or emulsion paints. Fragile areas of substrate must be thoroughly removed. The surface irregularities till 5 mm must be leveled by the plaster mortar ANSERGLOB ВСТ 22, big irregularities – by the plastering mortar ANSERGLOB ВСТ 20. Before applying the putty substrates with strong water sorption must be treated by one of the deep penetrating emulsions ANSERGLOB and exposed for 4 hours. Before overcoating by the next layer it is also recommended to treat the surface by one of the deep penetrating emulsions ANSERGLOB.
Finishing putty is applied manually on the surface with spatula. The maximal thickness of a applied layer must be not more than 3 mm, but minimal not less than 0,5 mm. While applying with spatula there must be no tracks when moving in the opposite direction. In the order to obtain smooth surface after 5-10 min (depending on surface origin and weather condition) of finishing layer application, it is required to make complete leveling of surface with spatula or stainless float.
In the order to obtain the textured surface after 5-10 min of finishing layer application, it is required to use rubber roller with desired texture or other tool. Tools must be washed up immediately after completing work, grinding the surface can be started approx. after 24 hours. Coating by water-based paints can be carried out after 3 days after application ANSERGLOB BCT 25, coating by solvent-born paints can be carried out after 7 days as minimum (residual humidity not more than 4 %). In the case of using the putty in non standard conditions or for other purposes, it is required to make own test or to consult with the manufacturer.

Note: Application should be complied at temperature above +5°С and below +30°С. All the mentioned recommendations are effective at temperature of +20°С and air humidity of 60%. Under the other conditions crusting, stiffening and curing time may be changed. While applying and drying the putty, it is required to protect it from influence of direct sun rays, rain and wind till full drying.

Consumption of the mixture is 1,4 kg per m2 on 1 mm of permanent layer.
Dry mixture must be poured into container with clear water according to ratio 0,42-0,43 liters of water per 1 kg of mixture (6,3-6,45 liters of water per 1 bag of 25 kg) when at the same time manually or mechanically mixed (by the drill on low revs) to obtain the kindred and elastic mass with required consistency. After exposing 5 min it must be mixed again and used during 2 hours. While applying constancy of mortar must be regulated by mixing but not by adding the water.

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