The history of trademark ANSERGLOB began in 1996. At that time, there was a huge shortage of native building materials in the market. It helped to open the market for European-made goods, and since 1998 - to the introduction of European technologies for own production capacities. Goods TM ANSERGLOB quickly gained popularity; the need to expand production became obvious. Therefore, in 2008, a new production complex of dry building materials (Kherson) began to work. It was equipped with the technological line of the modern world level. In 2011, the dispersive materials plant started working. In 2013, the second complex for the production of dry building materials (Zhytomyr) was launched. In 2016 was started the new manufacture of foam polystyrene (Kherson). After that in 2017 was launched a similar plant in Zhytomyr. In 2019 was launched a new production of tinting concentrates in Kherson. In 2021 we started production of XPS polysterene (Kherson).Today we produce more than 50 types of dry mortars, 30 dispersive materials, and foamed polystyrene plates (EPS, XPS). All plants are designed and built by leading European concerns. High-tech equipment and automated management of the entire production process can produce building materials, fully meet the modern requirements of the market.

Consistently high quality of products is the main priority of the company. It confirms our tagline AXIOM OF QUALITY. The numerous awards of the national competition and participation in regional exhibitions prove it. We use the best raw material from the leaders of the industry. The certified laboratory carries out triple quality control of the product. It also develops novelties based on modern building trends and improves existing products.

Our relations with partners are stable and longstanding. ANSERGLOB products are well known in all regions of Ukraine. We offer not only high-quality goods but also after-sales support and quality warranty.

LLC “ASCONA-PIVDEN” actively supports energy-saving programs. Outer walls insulation is the most important step creating energy-efficient housing. For this purpose, we have ready-made solution a certified ANSERGLOB insulation system. In addition, since 2017, the technical service of the company is conducting a free energy audit of the building. It is a procedure to show how energy is used, and what are the measures to save or to improve energy efficiency.

Social responsibility is another priority of LLC ASKONA-PIVDEN. The enterprise creates the best conditions for its workers, improves the surrounding areas, and participates in social projects of Ukraine. In 2017, the company was included in the Register of Large Taxpayers. The same year the Zhytomyr branch was recognized as the best enterprise in the region. For management and the team, charity is not an empty phrase. Together we try to help others. The group of companies ANSERGLOB was awarded the diploma of the national contest "Charitable Ukraine". Our team unites not only love for work but also unified moral values.

Priorities of our company:

  • Work efficiently, responsibly and profitably
  • Find and retain partners, producing and offering products and services that benefit them both in price and quality
  • Reach in the high performance and ensure long-term, stable position in the market
  • To ensure high quality of each production process efforts of all employees
  • Compete fairly, respecting the moral and legal norms will not prevent others from competing freely with us
  • Ensure environmental safety of products

We work in two main fields:

  • Development and production of paints, primers, building and decorative materials, foam ANSERGLOB
  • Wholesale and after sales support of building materials

Business Principles:

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Perfection


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