Technical data

Ability to penetrate into the wood:
Humidity of wood is 12 % 4 mm
Humidity of wood is 28 % 2 mm
Fungus protection class А1, А2, В1
Surface temperature from +5°С to +30°С
Exploitation temperature from -30°С to +80°С
Four-functional wood protection DEIMOS is recommended for wood protection and wood-like products from the fire, forest insects, fungus and molding. It is suitable for interior or exterior substrates application. While applying on the exterior elements it is must to protect additionally the surface with hydrophobizing products as for an example lacquer or paint. Color is transparent, green or brown.

Terms and conditions of exploitation:
No less than 2 years - exterior surfaces;
No less than 3 years - for the exterior surfaces (under the roof);
No less than 5 years - for the interior surfaces (indoor);
No less than 15 years - for all the surfaces protected with the additional waterproof coating..

Keep in a dry place in the branded buckets. Warranty period of storage is 24 months from date of manufacture at a relative humidity of 70%. Keep away from the reach of children.

The salted concentrate diluted in water 1:4 ratios (for an example, to receive 20 % solution 1 kg of salt should be diluted in 4 liters of water). The salt is slowly added into the water, mixing until the salt is fully dissolved. Before applying the product should be well mixed.
It is applied in 2-3 layers on the previously cleaned from dirt, dust surface by the brush or sprayer or treated material is putted into the warm solution on 2 hours. Impregnated wood cannot be treated by atmospheric precipitations. It is used for wood-like mate-rials which humidity is no more than 28 %. It is no effects on wood strength. Ecologically friendly.

In case of contact with the eyes it must be washed with water and seek medical advice. To protect your hands rubber gloves must be used.

Note: Application should be complied at temperature above +5 °С and below +30 °С. All the mentioned recom-mendations are effective at temperature of +20 °С and air humidity of 60 %. Under the other conditions dry-ing time and penetrating time of the remedy may be changed.

Wood class: Protection from:
fire, fungi, mold and insects
Consumption g per m2 Consumption g per m3 Efficiency
Wood is used in dry conditions
1:4 200 38 5 m2/ 1 kg 
25 m2/ 5 kg
Wood under soil, rain or periodic wetting
1:4 250 47,5 5 m2/ 1,25 kg 
25 m2/ 6,25 kg  

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