ANSERGLOB «mozaika» silikone-acrylic


  • Ecologically friendly
  • Crack proof
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Ready to use
  • Elastic

Technical data

Density 1,6 g/cm3
Adhesion to the substrate Not less than 0,5 MPa
Resistant to
atmospheric precipitation
After 24-48 hours
Water-vapor permeability Not less than 0,03 mg/m∙g∙Pa
Surface temperature from +5°С to +30°С
Exploitation temperature from -30°С to +80°С
Decorative mosaic plaster ANSERGLOB is used to create the decorative thinlayer plastering as inte-rior as exterior surfaces also as the finishing decorative coating in the exterior insulation finishing system ANSERGLOB. It is applied on the bulk concrete (after 3 months, humidity less than 4 %) cement-sand, cement-lime mortars (after 28 days, humidity less than 4%) gypsum mortars (humidity less than 1 %), wood surfaces (thickness no less than 20 mm, humidity less then 8 %).

Warning: For plastering the socle surfaces it is required to use suitable for this mosaic plaster labeled “SOCLE”, which possesses excess durability to the atmospheric precipitation and to wet cleaning.

The surface preparation is realized according to State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU N B A.3.1-23:2013 and DSTU-N B B.2.6-212: 2016). Surface must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free from dust, lime, grease, dirt, oil or emulsion paints. While repair works and before applying the plaster fragile areas of the substrate should be thoroughly removed. The surface irregularity till 3 mm must be le-veled by the finishing putty ANSERGLOB ВСТ 25, big irregularities – by the plastering mortar ANSERGLOB ВСТ 20. For dedusting, strengthening and leveling of water sorption it is required to treat the surface by deep penetrating primer ANSERGLOB EG 60. After 2-4 hours the surface should be treated by

Warning: To avoid of appearing of the subsurface spots and also to achieve more deep color it is required to tint (using the tinting pigment paste) the adhesion emulsion ANSERGLOB EG 62 in the similar color of applying mosaic plaster ANSERGLOB.

Before applied the bucket contents should be poured into the bigger container and well mixed by the drill on low revs during the 1 minute, if it is required add 0,2-0,5 liters of water and mix until obtain homogeneous mass. The plaster is applied on the surface by stainless steel trowel which is held at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface with the minimum possible thickness of 1,5-2 grain (depends on the grain fraction). After apply-ing of 2-3 m2 it is required to polish the surface without excess action using for quality control side lights. Application on the same surface must be provided continuously according to the rule "wet on wet", avoiding drying of rubbed layers before applying the next ones. In the case of application break should be sticked masking tape along the line where you plan to stop working, apply the plaster with the offset on the masking tape and give it the desired texture. Then immediately remove the masking tape with the remnants of fresh plaster.

Warning:It is not recommended to use of acrylic mosaic plaster ANSERGLOB of the different batches on the same object as it may contains marble crumbs of natural color and the shades of product can be changed. Do not apply to horizontal surfaces (projections, cornice, etc.) or surfaces with a slope of less than 450. Just applied plaster must be protected from the rain and direct sun rays. After full drying (24-48 hours) the surface must be treated by  lacquer ANSERGLOB ES 86.

Note: The mosaic plaster have been produced using of natural marble because of it may contain dark crumbs. Application should be complied at temperature above +5 °С and below +30 °С. All the mentioned recommen-dations are effective at temperature of +20 °С and air humidity of 60 %. Under the other conditions crusting, stiffening and curing time may be changed.0

Average consumption of the mosaic plaster according to the fraction of grain:

                      1,4 –2,5 mm for socle  -    

5,0 – 5,5  kg/m2

0,63 – 1,4 mm
for walls  -    3,0 - 3,5 kg/m2
for socle  -     3,5 – 4,0 kg/m2
 0,315 – 0,9 mm
for walls  -     2,5 - 3,0 kg/m2
for socle  -     3,0 - 3,5 kg/m2

Colors catalogue


With this shade is necessary to use a suitable plaster on the shade the primer, otherwise we can not guarantee the quality of the product

With this shade is necessary to use a suitable plaster on the shade the primer, otherwise we can not guarantee the quality of the product

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