Клей акриловый ANSERGLOВ универсальный белый


  • For interior and exterior use
  • Can be painted
  • Without smell
  • Porous base with non-porous
  • Fixing time 5 minutes

Technical data

Color  white
Adhesive fixing time 5-20 min
Time of drying 12 - 24 hours
Adhesive  14 kg/cm²
Base temperature from +5°С to +40°С
Operating temperature 
from -25°С to +80°С
Acrylic adhesive ANSERGLOB universal white is intended for repair and finishing works. It is used for gluing most building materials, such as wood, wood-like materials, decorative and finishing products made of rigid PVC, plasterboard, expanded polystyrene, brick, gypsum, concrete, plaster, natural stone, ceramic tiles and more. Suitable for wet areas (kitchens, showers, laundry rooms, public bathrooms, etc.). Used for interior and exterior work. Has a fast initial setting. After hardening the moisture resistant, elastic seam is formed. In the future, the glue can be painted.
Preparation of the basis is carried out according to DSTU - N B A.3.1-23: 2013. The base must be dry and strong, free of dust, dirt, grease, oil paints. During repair work, before applying the glue, it is necessary to remove the fragile parts of the base, as well as the remnants of old materials. In some cases, for dedusting, strengthening weak absorbent mineral bases, the surface must be treated with deep permeable soil ANSERGLOB. After drying (3 - 6 hours) you can apply adhesive.
Acrylic adhesive ANSERGLOB universal white must be applied with a mounting gun. To do this, cut the tip of the cartridge above the thread with a knife, screw the cap and then cut off the top of the cap. The diameter of the cut should be appropriate. Then the cartridge is installed in the gun and applied under pressure with glue. It is possible to apply glue in strips or points. Then you need to connect and press the surfaces firmly together. One of the surfaces must be absorbent. It is recommended to carry out preliminary testing before carrying out the main gluing. Fresh, not hardened glue can be removed with water if necessary. The hardened glue is removed mechanically.

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