• Permeable
  • High adhesion
  • Freezeproof
  • Plastic
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Resistant to efflorescence effect
  • Hydrophobic

Technical data

Thickness of layer from 6 to 15 mm
Mixture ratio 0,15-0,18 L of water per kg of mixture
Adjustment time 2 hours
Time to correct 5 min
Curing time after 24 hours
Compressive strength not less than 10 MPa
Adhesion to the surface not less than 0,5 MPa
Freeze-Thaw Stability not less than 75 cycles
Surface temperature from + 5°С to + 30°С
Exploitation temperature from -30°С to + 80°С
Mortar for bricklaying clinker and simultaneous jointing ANSERGLOB BCM 15 is used for construction of interior and exterior walls, protective constructions, wells, columns, arches, domes, etc. by the clinker, ceramic, silicate brick, blocks of artificial stone and others materials with low water sorption (3-8%). Mortar can be used for bricklaying and grouting the joints of the walls and surfaces. Due to high adhesion to the substrate it provides a monolithic, high strength and rigidity of the constructed elements. Mixture ANSERGLOB BCM 15 contains the additives which reduces the appearing of efflorescence effect on applied mortar. It is produced in 8 basic colors.
Colors grouting
The surface preparation is realized according to State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU N B A.3.1-23:2013, DSTU N B A.2.6-212:2016) and State Building Codes of Ukraine (DBN В.2.6-162:2010). The surface must be dry and structurally sound without visible destructions. Before applying it is required to clean up the surface from the dust, dirt and other substances, that hind the masonry mortar adhesion to it, remove fragile areas. While storage bricks and block must be protected from moisture influence and excess heating.
Masonry mortar is applied with the bricklayer's trowel evenly on the sticking surface. After installation and leveling of the brick or blocks excess mortar is removed by bricklayer's trowel and reuse again. For joint forming it is used round shaped tools of the artificial material or wood which is previously prepared. Recommended thickness of working joint is from 6 mm. Start of forming the joint depends on weather conditions, water sorption of the brick or blocks. Degree of mortar curing in the joints forming must be equal for all the surface of the wall. During application do not add water as it can influence on color identity. It is recommended to construct the wall choosing bricks from different pallets for achieving the best result.

Note: For avoiding color distinction in color shapes it is required to use on the same surface one batch mixture and for its preparation use same quantity of clear water. Also color can be different at changing of the technology of joints finishing. Application should be complied at temperature above +5°С and below +30°С. All the mentioned recommendations are effective at temperature of +20°С and air humidity of 60%. Under the other conditions crusting, stiffening and curing time may be changed. At the work breaks and also during first 7 days brickwork must be protected from excess humidity (rain, fog).

Consumption of the mixture is 1,5 kg per m2 on 1 mm of permanent layer.
Dry mixture must be poured into container with clear water according to ratio 0,15-0,18 liters of water per 1 kg of mixture (3,75-4,5 liters of water per 1 bag of 25 kg) when at the same time manually or mechanically mixed (by the drill on low revs) to obtain the kindred and elastic mass. After exposing 5 min mortar must be mixed again and used during 2 hours.

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