• For interior and exterior use
  • Increases the adhesion to the substrate
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Waterresistent
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Gives roughness to a surface

Technical data

Drying time 3-6 hours
Density 1,5-1,55 g/cm3
Water-vapor permeability Not less than 0,04 mg/m∙g∙Pa
Surface temperature from +5°С to +30°С
Exploitation temperature from -30°С to +80°С
ANSERGLOB EG 63 BETON KONTAKT primer is intended for priming dense, smooth, weakly absorbent substrates made of monolithic and precast concrete and reinforced concrete, aerated concrete (aerated concrete, foam concrete), bricks, tiles, glass, etc., as well as for the preparation of cement, cement-lime plasters, gypsum board, fiberboard, chipboard, OSB surfaces before application, decorative plasters, gypsum and cement plasters, tile adhesive, stucco decoration, mortars, etc. Used inside and outside industrial, residential, warehouse and other premises. It can be used as a coating for temporary preservation of facade surfaces for the winter. Especially effective for tiling surfaces using the tile-on-tile method. Also used for priming metal embedded elements before plastering and on old painted surfaces if the paint has sufficient adhesion to the surface. Does not contain solvents. Ready to use. For ease of use, ANSERGLOB EG 63 BETON KONTAKT is available in tinted colors.
Preparation of the base is carried out in accordance with DSTU - N B A.3.1-23: 2013 and DSTU-N B V.2.6-212: 2016. The base must be strong, free from dust, dirt, lime, grease, oil or emulsion paints. Before applying EG 63 BETON KONTAKT primer, during repair work, carefully remove the fragile areas of the substrate and repair the surface with one of the ANSERGLOB materials. Substrates made of highly absorbent lime-cement and cement-sand plasters must first be primed with one of the deeply penetrating ANSERGLOB primers, then apply ANSERGLOB EG 63 BETON KONTAKT primer and allow to dry completely (3 - 6 hours). If there are fungi, mold, microorganisms, etc. on the surface of the base. remove them mechanically, treat the surface with ANSERGLOB ES 65 antifungal emulsion, rinse with water, dry, and then apply ANSERGLOB EG 63 BETON KONTAKT primer.
Before use ANSERGLOB EG 63 BETON KONTAKT should be thoroughly mixed with a drill at low speed. The primer is applied with a brush or brush. Work on one surface should be carried out continuously, adhering to the "wet on wet" rule. The dried soil is resistant to mechanical stress. After finishing work, without allowing the soil to dry out, the tool must be washed with water.

Consumption of ANSERGLOB EG 63 BETON KONTAKT soil averages 0.2 - 0.4 l / m2.

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