Fiberglass ANSERGLOB 10х10, 300 g.


  • Ecologically friendly
  • Protects surface from cracking
  • Resistant to external influences
  • Can’t be destructed and rusted
  • Resistance to stress
  • Easy to use
  • Increases impact resistance

Technical data

Color: white
Roll length 25 m
Roll width 1 m
Cell size 10x10 mm
Mesh density 300 g/m2
Alkali resistant reinforcing fiberglass armored mesh is used on facades, socles, in the external insulation facade system (EIFS) ANSERGLOB, laying the screeds. Mesh is used on surfaces which will be exploited with high mechanical stress and also for setting reinforcing protective layer with high impact resistance (socle, ground floor, etc.). Reinforcing mesh ANSERGLOB is resistant to alkaline environment and maintains high strength characteristics during exploitation process.

Alkali resistant reinforcing fiberglass armored mesh must be kept by separate rolls wrapped in its original packaging in a cool and dry place, without direct contact with soil or concrete bed. Protect rolls from direct sunlight, moisture and damage.

Manufacturer's warranty
The manufacturer guarantees mesh ANSERGLOB compliance to its specifications when providing rules of transportation, storage, described in this data sheet. The manufacturer is not responsible for the misuse of material, or using it for other purposes.

On applied adhesive layer of waterproofing mortar ANSERGLOB ВСХ 40 оr  ANSERGLOB ВСХ 41 alkali resistant reinforcing armored mesh ANSERGLOB is set and which is pressed in mortar layer by spatula. Then smoothly spackled so reinforcing mesh will be inside of mortar layer on 1/3. Mesh is laid by canvas from up to down with overlapping edges in 10 cm. Average thickness of the reinforcing layer – 3 mm, maximum – 5 mm. Edges of mesh should not touch joints between heat insulating boards.

Note: When providing work on facade insulation, it is required to comply demands of State Building Codes of Ukraine (DBN В.2.6-33:2008 and DBN В.2.6-22-2001), technological map of installation of exterior facade insulation system of buildings and structures, using materials ANSERGLOB, as well as other regulatory documents defining rules carrying out of works in building construction.

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